6/27&28 Hillclimb COVID-19 Changes

6/2/20.     This page will likely be updated over the next couple weeks.  Check back frequently.

Entrance Gate-

  • Gates will not open until 6pm Friday, 7am Saturday, and 7am Sunday.  They close at 11pm Friday and Saturday evenings.
  • Correct change or a check is required – no change will be given back.  $15 for adults, $10 for 11 and under.  Camping is $10 per vehicle for 1 night, or $15 for both nights.  Bring your own pen.  Each vehicle will receive its own Adult Waiver Form.  Print name, sign name, and return to the worker.  If you have a minor competing and do not have an annual release, request a minor release form from the worker and complete all lines except for the signatures prior to going to registration.  If time allows when reading this, obtain an annual minor release from the AMA.


  •  Registration at the event is $20 per class.  We strongly urge you to pre-register.  Cost for pre-registration is $16 per class and is non-refundable if the event is run.  Pre-registration of minors will still require a completed minor release as described above, unless they possess an annual release.
  • We will not be selling AMA, District 16, or District 23 cards at the event.  These must be purchased ahead of time.
  • As always, our registration ends at 9:45 sharp.  With offering pre-registration, we do not expect delays at registration due to distancing, however we ask that you arrive plenty early.  Correct change or a check is required for registration at the event – we will not be giving change back.
  • All District 16 and District 23 Classes will be run.
  • Preregistration details:  (ends at 6pm on 6/24)
    • Email the following to cmjmx1@yahoo.com:
      • Picture of current AMA and District cards large enough that we can read the AMA number and expiration date.  Include a the annual minor release in this picture if you have one.  Annual Minor Release can be obtained on the AMA website.
      • In the email include: full name, address, cell phone #, class(es), bike brand & size (cc’s) & bike plate number for each class.
    • Paypal $16 per class entered to cmjmx1@yahoo.com.  Add $10 per shirt if pre-buying CMJ T-shirts.
    • Once we receive your email and Paypal we will text to confirm that you’re registered.
    • If assistance is required, call 608 220 6953.  This IS NOT the number posted on our website.  Afternoons or evenings work best.


  • There will be 2 lanes – one from each side to enter the start area of the hill.  Each class should use both lanes.
  • The hill crew will only assist if there is a crash or if the rider summons them.  They are happy to help but will respect your space and only approach if summoned.
  • The riders meeting will be done over the P.A. at 9:45 from the registration.  We ask that you still come to that general area and properly distance for the meeting.
  • The final race order will be determined that morning but ATV’s will run first in the order and 50cc classes will run last in the order followed by their second runs as we typically do at our events.

Results, Awards, and T-shirts-

  •  2 sets of results will be posted for viewing on opposite sides of the shed.  A 3rd set of final results will be given to the awards worker.  Find your position on the posted results, enter the line for awards using the spots marked on the grass.  State your name and finish position to the worker.  Once your finish position, you’ll be instructed to take your award plate from the appropriate pile.  Payout envelopes will be filled on Monday of the race week and will be dispersed using gloves.  You may request your pay out by Paypal but these requests will not be processed until the weekend after the event.
  • 2020 CMJ shirts will be available for $10.  Correct change or a check is required.  You may also purchase shirts via Paypal when pre-registering.  Know your proper size before requesting a shirt.  Once you handle a shirt, you must purchase it.  We greatly appreciate all shirt sales as we purchased this year’s shirts prior having a reduced number events due to COVID-19.


  • Since the Vintage MX race is cancelled, there should be no issues with having enough pit space to properly distance.  Please leave space between your area and others.
  • Shuttle service to and from the bottom of the hill will not be available at this event.
  • We are not advertising this event locally.  We trust that our loyal racers are anxious to hill climb and will do their very best to adhere to our policies.
  • Bleacher use will be monitor for proper distancing and closed off if deemed necessary.

Porta Potties-

  •  We are currently working on a quantity and sanitizing plan which may or may not include units at the bottom of the hill.  We will post more details on this soon.


  •  We do not plan to have food or drinks available for sale at this event.  If that changes, we will update this post.