Motocross Event Details

    • Gates open at 4pm on Friday for the Gran Prix on Saturday.  Very fun event- give it a try!  See details elsewhere on this site.
    • Sunday – gates 6:00am, signup 6:30am, practice 7:30am, racing 9:30am. We do not take an intermission
    • 250A, +25A, +30A, all receive 90% payback to top 1/3 instead of trophies. Open A receives 200% payback to 1/3 of top finishers. See payout chart below.
    • Top 5 finishers in all trophy classes have an option of a trophy, CMJ t-shirt, CMJ Hat, or a certificate ranging in value from $10 to $25 from some of our sponsors.
    • 50cc, 65cc, 85cc classes receive awards through 7th.

Entry fee for all classes is $30.

Hixton Payout

BREAKFAST  BREAKFAST  BREAKFAST  BREAKFAST  BREAKFAST  BREAKFAST  BREAKFAST  BREAKFAST  $1.00    Starbucks Coffee $1.50    Cafe Latte (½ hot coffee + ½ cold milk) $1.00    Orange Juice (NOT from concentrate) $2.00    Grab & Go Sandwich (fried egg, sausage patty, cheddar cheese, on a biscuit, served in foil) $1.50    Biscuit and sausage gravy ($3.00 double) $2.00    2 Sausage Links & 2 eggs $0.50    Baked goods (donuts, bars, etc.)

LUNCH MENU  LUNCH MENU  LUNCH MENU  LUNCH MENU  LUNCH MENU  LUNCH MENU  $2.00    Plastic bottle Soda – Diet Pepsi, Diet Mtn Dew, Diet Dr. Pepper, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, $1.00    Water (Chippewa Springs) $2.00    Gatorade (Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple) $3.00    Monster Energy Drinks $3.00    1/4# Hamburger (Falls Meat) $5.00 Double $3.50    1/4# Cheeseburger $6.00 Double $1.25    Hot Dog (Oscar Meyer) – Chili dog $2.00 $3.00    1/4# Brat (Falls Meat) $3.00    ¼ Charcoal Chicken Dark (Test) $0.50    bar, brownie, cookie (single serving) $1.00    Bag of chips, pretzel, popcorn, etc. $0.50    Freezy sticks/ice pops $2.50    Walking taco

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  1. chris says:

    May 31st event: Both PeeWee Class winners will receive a die cast truck and track loader toy in addition to their regular awards. These are being provided by United Rentals. United Rentals is also giving $20 gas cards for the 1st moto holeshot in 5 classes. The 5 classes will be randomly drawn at the riders meeting.

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