Hixton Harescrambles and Grand Prix Event Details

Grand Prix:

Registration: First Class- $35, Second class same rider – $25.  50cc Class $25.  Trophy classes receive awards to the top 1/3 or the class – 5th max. See award choices elsewhere on this site. AA Class receives payout to the top 1/3 of the class.  50cc class runs (1) 30 minute race, all other run (2) 30 minute races.  Course consists of flowing woods and grass sections and is approximately 3.0 miles long.  Registration ends at 9:30.  Riders meeting 9:45 at Registration Shed.  Racing starts at 10am.   The races will start on the other side of Lien Road where our Harescrambles races normally do.  The class combinations and approximate race times are:

AA/A/B  10 am and 1:20pm

+50/C/+60/Vintage  10:40am and 2:00pm

85/65/Women  11:20am and 2:40pm

+14/+30A/+40A/+30B/+40B  12:00 and 3:20[

50cc  12:40



Trophy classes receive awards to the top 1/3 or the class (7th Max). AA Class receives payout as advertised on BBXC websites.above.

There is no Saturday GP or practice at this event.  No concessions will be available at this event.

Gate fee is $10 for adults, $5 for 11 and under.  Camping is $10 per vehicle for Saturday or $15 per vehicle for Friday and Saturday.  Electric campsites are $40 for the weekend.

Schedule of Events
Saturday – Gates Open at Noon.

Sunday –
7:00am – Gates Open
8:00am – Signup for all classes opens
9:00am – 65 (PeeWee), 85 (Premier), Girls (1 hour).  $40 entry
10:15am – 50cc (Micro/Macro combined) – (30 min.)  $25 entry
11:00am – All C classes, Women, Vintage, +50C (all Dt 16 riders must enter this class for points) (1 hour)  $40 entry
12:15am – Pro Autograph Signing at Roost Factory display
1:00pm – AA, all A/B classes (2 hours).  AA+$75 entry. A/B: $45 entry
Awards at arch/podium following each race.

$1,500 Pro/AA Payout


Go to livelaps.com

1. Login to participant account or create one if you do not have one.
2. On account page click sign up for event
3. Select D16HS from drop down menu then click on CMJ BBXC
4. Fill out all information and continue through checkout
5. After checkout the rider will receive a confirmation email.

Entrance Gate-
Correct change or a check is required – no change will be given back. Bring your own pen. Each vehicle will receive its own Adult Waiver Form. Print name, sign name, and return to the worker. If you have a minor competing and do not have an annual release, request a minor release form from the worker and complete all lines except for the signatures prior to going to registration. If time allows when reading this, obtain an annual minor release from the AMA.

We strongly urge you to pre-register.  Pre-registration fee non-refundable if the event is run. Pre-registration of minors will still require a completed minor release as described above, unless they possess an annual release.
We will not be selling AMA or District 16 cards at the event. These must be purchased ahead of time.
Correct change or a check is required for registration at the event – we will not be giving change back.

Results, Awards, and T-shirts-
1 set of results will be posted for viewing on registration the shed. A second set of results will be given to the awards worker. Find your position on the posted results, enter the line for awards using the spots marked on the grass. State your name and finish position to the worker.
2020 CMJ shirts will be available for $10. Correct change or a check is required.  Know your proper size before requesting a shirt. Once you handle a shirt, you must purchase it. We greatly appreciate all shirt sales as we purchased this year’s shirts prior having a reduced number events due to COVID-19.

Please park where instructed allowing enough room for distancing.
We are not advertising this event locally. We trust that our loyal racers are anxious to race and will do their very best to adhere to our policies.
Bleacher use will be monitor for proper distancing and closed off if deemed necessary.

Porta Potties-
All hand touch points will be sanitized regularly throughout the day.

We do not plan to have food or drinks available for sale at this event.

Starting Area-

Racers are only permitted to have one person assist them in the start area.  Those watching the start must practice distancing.

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