6/22&23 Grand Prix & Hillclimb & Off-Road Olympics

Grand Prix:

Registration: 6:30 to 8:30

AA/A/B classes: $40.  C, +50, Non-current, Women:  $35.  65cc/85cc: $30, 50cc:  $25.

Awards:  Trophy classes receive award plates or pint glasses to the top 1/3 or the class – 6th max.  AA Class receives payout to the top 1/3 of the class – 4th max.  The races will start on the other side of Lien Road where our Harescrambles races normally do.  All classes other than 50cc will run 2 motos.  The class combinations and approximate race times are:

AA/A/B  9:00 to 9:30 and  12:55 to 1:25

C/+50/Vintage/Women  9:45 to 10:10 and  1:40 to 2:05

85 & Supermini/65   10:25 to 10:45 and 2:20 to 2:40

122cc to Open/ +40A / +40B  11:00 to 11:25 and 2:55 to 3:20

50cc Senior and Beginner 11:55 to 12:25

Shingoggies food wagon on site- please support them!


Pre-registration.  See link on Hillclimb tab.  $10 additional fee to sign up day of the event.


Saturday the riders meeting at top of the hill at 9:45, climb starts at 10:00.  If you’re the in the first class of the order posted in registration, be geared up and ready to head to the bottom of the hill immediately following the riders meeting.  Sunday riders meeting is 8:45 with 9am start time

Cash classes pay through 3rd, 5th if over 20 riders in a class Trophy classes get award plates or CMJ pint glassed through 3rd with the exception of 65cc class which is through 5th, and Micro mini class which is through 7th.

Off-Road Olympics:  See separate tab on this website.

Shindoggies food wagon on site- please support them!

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