Hixton Harescrambles and Grand Prix Event Details

Grand Prix:

Registration: First Class- $35, Second class same rider – $25.  50cc Class $25.  Trophy classes receive awards to the top 1/3 or the class – 5th max. See award choices elsewhere on this site. AA Class receives payout to the top 1/3 of the class.  50cc class runs (1) 30 minute race, all other run (2) 30 minute races.  Course consists of flowing woods and grass sections and is approximately 3.0 miles long.  Registration ends at 9:30.  Riders meeting 9:45 at Registration Shed.  Racing starts at 10am.   The races will start on the other side of Lien Road where our Harescrambles races normally do.  The class combinations and approximate race times are:

AA/A/B  10 am and 1:20pm

+50/C/+60/Vintage  10:40am and 2:00pm

85/65/Women  11:20am and 2:40pm

+14/+30A/+40A/+30B/+40B  12:00 and 3:20[

50cc  12:40


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