Off-Road Olympics


Compete in a 1 hour Harescrambles race, 2 Hillclimb runs, and a motocross race.  Finish positions in each of the 3 events will be combined to determine overall results for the Olympics.  This event will be open only to full size motorcycles.  There will be classes and separate awards for A, B, C, and Vet riders.  Three riders can also sign up as a team and compete both for their individual class awards as well as team championship awards.


A, B, C, +30, and Team.

Rider and Bike Eligibility:

Full size motorcycles, 125cc or larger, are required.  Riders must meet the AMA rulebook age requirement for their motorcycle.  AMA and District Cards are required. You must use the same bike in all 3 events.  You must sign up for your current level of riding (A, B, or C) whether that is in Harescrambles or Motocross.  A tether switch is required for the Hillclimb.  Your Parts Unlimited dealer can set you up with one for between $15 and $21.  They only take a few minutes to install and are easy to remove after the event.  If unsure how to install, show up Friday night and we will do it for you!

Individual Event Descriptions:

Harescrambles:  (Race start time is Saturday at 8:30am)

1 hour race through woods trails and fields.  The 4 classes start in waves a minute apart.  If you’re a novice or intermediate rider and new to this type of racing, you won’t be starting with the real fast guys!   Hand guards are nice to have in the woods but not required.  You can choose to stop for gas during the race, but most moto bikes will make the full hour without refueling.

Hillclimb:  (Olympics riders will compete in the Open Stock class which runs towards the end of the race order of the Hillclimb event)

You get 2 runs at the hill.  Your best time or footage counts as your score.  If you’re new to this sport, our hill may look intimidating but 80% of the riders in the Stock Wheelbase class make it over the top.


Our track is very a “Outdoors” type versus a “Supercross” type track.  Depending on the number of entries, the 4 Olympics classes will be run together with separate gate drops, or split into 2 motos with separate gate drops.  Practice is at 9:15 am Sunday morning.  The moto will be at 10:00.  Final Olympics results will be tallied, and awards presented after the Olympics moto which should be approximately around Noon.


2 day gate admission – $20

Camping – $10 per night, per vehicle

Class Registration – $60  Registration open 8-10pm Friday evening at the front gate and 7-8am Saturday morning at the front gate

Team Registration (3 person teams) – (1) $30 fee in addition to the individual registration fees.  If competing as a team, you still qualify for awards in your individual classes.  Teams can consist of riders in the same, or different classes.  The finishes of the team members in the 3 different events are added together for your score- regardless of which class you rider level class you are competing in.


Award plates and prizes through 5th place in the B, C, and +30 classes.

A class: 90% payback to the top 1/3 of the class.

Team Class:  Awards to the top 3 teams and prizes to the top 5 teams.  Each member of the winning team will receive a Pirelli front tire!